New PDF release: A Ballad for Allison Porter

By Gary Solomon

ISBN-10: 1618130412

ISBN-13: 9781618130419

Dr. Solomon's first novel, A Ballad for Allison Porter, is a mental mystery during which he comprises dependancy, abuse, demise, abandonment, love, betrayal, and revenge, all resulting in a ugly murder.


Allison has no longer stated a be aware to somebody because the day of her arrest. while information reporter, Kevin Pratt, is assigned to interview the taciturn Allison Porter, astonishingly, she opens as much as him. Kevin leaves the interview decided to discover the lifetime of the genuine Allison Porter. attaining Allison's vacant domestic, Kevin reveals his solution to a gloomy closet in Allison's adolescence bed room. discovering an outdated shoe field choked with miscellaneous keepsakes, Kevin selections during the items of memorabilia. As he touches each one merchandise within the field he flashes again to Allison's earlier. prior to the day is thru, Allison Porter should be useless and Kevin Pratt will vow to maintain her reminiscence in, A Ballad for...

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We got the call. D. “We need to check for weapons. ” As I did, she used a metal detector, scanning me from top to bottom, not missing any personal places where a conspirator might lodge a weapon. Standing to the side, she waved me forward with little interest for my future. Once inside, I was overwhelmed with a sense of defeat and powerlessness. It felt as if I were in a tomb. I had miscalculated. Three additional doors separated me from the final entrance to the main prison. Made of steel and glass containing wire mesh, the doors appeared impenetrable.

I could see the news teams scuffling towards me, as if to attempt to grab my bumper and hold me back. Some reporters made a few unfriendly gestures, angry that I did not share what they perceived as my good fortune with the rest of the hounds. My body jerked out of its trance when a logging truck snorted its horn at me. I was drifting into another lane, forcing other drivers to adjust their direction and travel speed. Much to my surprise, suddenly as if I had been sleeping at the wheel, Mt. Hood was well behind me as Portland’s Airport appeared on my right.

I followed her gaze as she looked towards the prison sentinel. Three other guards were now looking through something to say. “Anyway, you have the kindest face I’ve seen in a long time. ” For a moment I hesitated and then realized that telling her could not possibly matter. ” “What a beautiful name. If I ever had a child, a girl, I would name her Cindy or Lindsey. I like Lindsey as a girl’s name. ” The pause that took place felt like hours were passing. I simply did not know what to say. After about a minute of silence she began to speak.

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