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By Os Cangaceiros (author) Wolfi Landstreicher (translator)

Os Cangaceiros used to be a bunch of delinquents stuck up within the spirit of the French rebel of 1968 who refused to permit that spirit die. With not anything yet contempt for the self-sacrificial ideology practiced through "specialists in armed struggle", this uncontrollable band of social rebels wreaked havoc at the French country - attacking infrastructures of oppression, assisting well known revolts, stealing and freeing mystery blueprints for high-tech prisons, raiding the workplaces of company collaborators, and developing their lives in entire competition to the realm in response to paintings. This quantity, translated by means of Wolfi Landstreicher, is the 1st immense selection of the writings of Os Cangaceiros in English.

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Numerous disturbances will accompany the news in the country’s prisons. July 15: During the night between the 14th and the 15th, tires of the convoy that accompanies the Tour de France are slashed (immobilizing about one hundred vehicles) in solidarity with the condemned rebels. In Toulouse, a business that employs prisoners is destroyed by fire. 29 10/31/09 9:02:08 PM T A CRIME CALLED FREEDOM OS CANGACEIROS August 18: In Lille, dozens of prisoners climb onto the roofs. August 18: In Lyons, the ROP print shop for Parisian daily newspapers is wrecked.

Then there is the violence of the police who defend these conditions. indd 46 assault was restricted to a political form, leaving the last word to the state. The secret of the absence of a revolutionary movement across the Channel is therefore identical to that of the defeat of revolutionary movements on the continent. We have described the beginning of a process that is now reaching its completion: the labor movement is definitively integrated into civil society, and a new project of industrial domestication is underway.

Around 1830, a sector of the poor took on the role of spokespeople for this promise, demanding that “men who have been made inferior be given their dignity as citizens” (Proudhon). Beginning in 1848, the same principles were invoked against the bourgeoisie in the name of the “republic of work”. The extent of the role played by the dead weight of 1789 in crushing the Paris commune is common knowledge. This social project split in two in the 19th century. In England, the capital of capital, social struggles weren’t able to merge into a unified assault, and so became travesties that remained at the level of “economic” struggles.

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