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By Lynette Eason

ISBN-10: 1441232613

ISBN-13: 9781441232618

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Already her mother was slipping into sleep. Bonnie hurried to her room and grabbed her things, her car keys, and her purse. As she did, she saw the picture on her nightstand. Justin’s laughing blue eyes stared back at her. Why did she still have it? In a fit of anger, she slapped it facedown. She’d dispose of it later. Keeping the picture was too much like she was holding out hope that they would one day get back together. But that wasn’t possible. She didn’t even need him now anyway. She’d found someone else.

Feel better, feel better, he echoed in his mind. Then frowned. They’d have no choice but to admire him, to praise him for his brilliant mind and methods. Especially those who’d laughed at him. Those who’d mocked him, humiliated him. Like Walter. Poor Walter. The Judge stretched out on the couch across from his father, who was seated—as usual—in his special armchair. He was awfully quiet this morning. ” Silence. The Judge grimaced. No matter. He wouldn’t let that spoil the moment. He closed his eyes to bask in his brilliant accomplishment.

Again his Adam’s apple bobbed, but the gun lowered. Sweat dripped into his eye and he lifted his gun hand. Bright red blossomed from the center of his forehead. As though in slow motion, Kit watched his eyes flutter in surprise, swore she saw a flash of wounded betrayal, then they blanked as he dropped to the floor. 4 The door to the trailer ruptured open as Kit flew out. ” Noah exited the van to intercept her. ” She ignored him. The fury on her face sent chills through him. Her eyes roved until they lit upon the SWAT member stretched out on top of the van.

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