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By Louis A. D'Alotto, Charles R. Giardina, Hua Luo

ISBN-10: 0585387966

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ISBN-10: 0824700252

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Goals to bridge the distance among parallel machine architectures and the production of parallel electronic sign processing (DSP) algorithms. This paintings bargains an method of electronic sign processing using the unified sign algebra atmosphere to advance clearly happening parallel DSP algorithms. university or college e-book retailers may well order 5 or extra copies at a different scholar cost. fee is on the market on request.

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Suppose that the two digital signals and a) Write f and g both as 3 by 3 bound matrices, starting at (070). b) Show that m = ( 4 4 1 43 20 0 ) 0 c)Find f g. d) Show that 3 2 1 fVg=( 4 1 0 ) O 2.

32 2. FundamentalOperations on T w o Dimensional Signals The distributive laws given in R2) could be reduced to only one law because of R3). The system 81zxz using the above identities along with the group structure is a commutative ring with unity. However, even further structure is present. The SCALAR operation commutes with digital signal processing multiplication as the following property Al) shows. Al) Commutative Law: a( fg) = af g = f ag Thus, RzXz is a commutative, associative algebra with unity.

M Various other reflection type operations exist besides the transpose type reflection D . Specifically, there is a horizontal, a vertical, and 2. Fundamental Operations on Two Dimensional Signale 48 a 4 5 O diagonal reflection. These are respectively denoted by HOR, V E R T , and DIFLIP. They are defined by: )(W = f (4 - j > V E R T U) ( i , j >= f (-4j) and DIFLIP( f)(i,j) = f(j,i) Thefollowingblockdiagramsillustratetheseoperationsandalso show that they are terms. The output of thefollowingtwoblock diagrams is H O R ( f ) .

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