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By Allan Frosch

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The name of this publication refers to a specific development of the realm that brooks no uncertainty: 'things are the way in which i feel them to be'. there is not any opposite direction! it is a actual strengthen to one's self belief - although this conviction relies completely on our personal strategies or quick adventure. while a bunch or association proportion a one-dimensional view of the realm the experience of conviction takes the shape of a  Read more...

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Freud, S. (1900). The Interpretation of Dreams. S. , 5. London: Hogarth. Freud, S. (1905a). Psychical (or mental) treatment. S. , 7. London: Hogarth. Freud, S. (1905b). Freud’s psycho-analytic procedure. S. , 7. London: Hogarth. Freud, S. (1910). Five lectures on psycho-analysis. S. , 11. London: Hogarth. Freud, S. (1915). The unconscious. S. , 14. London: Hogarth. Frosch, A. (1995). The preconceptual organization of emotion. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 43: 423–447. Frosch, A.

Did not spend the day retreating into his fantasy world—Mr A says he has done “good”. But what if his confidence about having done “good” is false, what if he is “too relaxed”, is caught off guard, and then is made to feel he has been “bad”? In other words, he concretely experiences the analyst as a “superego fetish”. He girds himself for his sessions by swinging back and forth between these two fantasies conflated with reality. But then he explains that he does this so that he can remain convinced that when he speaks to Dr B he is not in a shared space, is not connected to her.

Mr A accurately describes how he generally copes with the possibility of this kind of anxiety. He concretely and fetishistically divides his experiences into good and bad, and anticipates what will happen if he tells the analyst about his good or bad experiences. C O N T E N T A N D P R O C E S S I N T H E T R E AT M E N T 25 While this sounds like typical superego projection, Mr A has concretely insisted that this is really how Dr B listens to him. , did not spend the day retreating into his fantasy world—Mr A says he has done “good”.

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