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The SCM Theological statement sequence at the Bible is a groundbreaking sequence that recovers classical theological remark for the twenty first century church. The commentaries presuppose the doctrinal culture of the Christian church as a residing and trustworthy foundation for exegesis and are born out of the conviction that dogma clarifies instead of obscures.

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22. Chr. Trad. 1:123-32. 89 (ANF 5:553). Sophocles 1870,958. Dvornik 1958. 43 1:14 ACTS the names of the apostles in Acts all have in common-and what they share with all the other rosters of disciples and apostles throughout the New Testament-is that the name Peter always appears first (~5:29a). Mary the Theotokos . Together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus. The RSV rendering of mJV in 1: 14 as "together with:' rather than simply "with," as in the AV, serves to emphasize association rather than mere accompaniment, and therefore the solidarity of the disciples then, and of the church ever since, with Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as the unique and special place of the one who on the basis of Luke's Gospel has been saluted as "blessed ...

36. Hengell979, 66. 37. Cadbury 1920. 0DCC259. 39. Onasch and Schnieper 1997, 187,235. 40. L. Venard in DTC9:981. 31 Introduction ACTS of the Gospel of Luke (-H:14). Since an icon was said to be not drawn but written (hence the term iconography), Byzantine writers, notably Andrew of Crete in the eighth century, and then writers in the West, worked out what Ernst von Dobschiitz calls "a parallelism between his activity as an evangelist and as a painter," so that Luke's literary portrait of the Virgin Mary and his iconographic portrait of the Theotokos were seen as not very far apartY But by extension, it seems even more appropriate to claim him also as patron saint of church historians, because he had decided, as he explains in the prologue to his Gospel, "having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account" (Luke 1:3), which is an apt thumbnail description of the two things that historians of the church still do as scholars-to research "closely" and on that basis to write up the results of their research in more or less "orderly" fashion.

1999,3:1447-58. 5. Tarazi 2001, 187. 38 ACTS 1:2-3 This "teaching of the gospel for forty days" (evangelium quadraginta dierum), which some of the Gnostics seem to have expanded to a period of eighteen months,6 is a continuation of the instruction given by the risen Lord to his disciples. Earlier, at the conclusion of his Gospel, Luke described this instruction as having begun with the disciples at Emmaus, when, "beginning with Moses and all the prophets, [the risen but as yet unrecognized Christ] interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself" (Luke 24:27) .

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