Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche PDF

By Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Wake-up perform, Lineage Supplication (Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), The 5 Consacreations (cleansing water, vajra and bell, kilaya, mala, and drum), information about the Trinley Nyngpo (Yoga of the Essence perform Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), Torma delivering, Liberation delivering and masses extra.

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In the form of the nirmanakaya menmos, you protect the doctrine of the Buddha: Lady Tashi Tseyi Wangchukma, Ting-gi Zhelsangma, Miyo Langsangma, Chapen Drinsangma, Telkar 32 ADDITIONAL CHANTS '96 Drosangma and Kharak Khyung Tsunma, together with your retinues, the vast assembly of a hundred thousand of menmos of the three planes of existence; I serve you, I offer you, I proffer you these - the most eminent of pleasing things, the most excellent of delightful things. To us, the yogis, masters and disciples, venerated ones and benefactors, and all our following reveal your delighted faces.

By the truth of the words of the Three Jewels, by the truth of the pure innate nature, by the truth of the unfailing cause and effect of conditioned things, by the truth of the magical display of the peaceful and wrathful vidyad haras deities, by the truth of the emanations, re­ emanations, and attendants, and by the blessings of the great truth, may all incorrigible beings who are fit to be liberated, be present in this support -- the material linga. NAMO, NRJ YAM JAH, NRI V AJRA ANGKUSHA JAH.

The bhandha of my body is filled with the nectar of the aggregates and elements. The lotus vessel of the dhuti is brimming with the great rakta of hindu and prana. The great torma of awareness is arrayed on the tray of space. The desirable objects of the four visions shine within the sphere of the six lamps. Kyepar meydu jungwey damtsik dzey Rangjung-gyutrOI gyen-gyi rolmo yi Tsedag nangwa taye tugdam kang Ku-nga tsewang tarchin ngodrub tsol Particularly, with the wonderful samaya substance, The self-existing ornaments of magical display, May the samaya with Life-Lord Amitabha be mended.

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Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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