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By Professor Theodore V. Hromadka II, Professor Robert J. Whitley (auth.)

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Since its inception through Hromadka and Guymon in 1983, the complicated Variable Boundary aspect strategy or CVBEM has been the topic of a number of theoretical adventures in addition to quite a few fascinating purposes. The CVBEM is a numerical program of the Cauchy essential theorem (well-known to scholars of complicated variables) to two-dimensional capability difficulties related to the Laplace or Poisson equations. as the numerical software is analytic, the approximation precisely solves the Laplace equation. This characteristic of the CVBEM is a different virtue over different numerical innovations that improve basically an inexact approximation of the Laplace equation. during this booklet, numerous of the advances in CVBEM expertise, that experience advanced when you consider that 1983, are assembled in keeping with fundamental subject matters together with theoretical advancements, purposes, and CVBEM modeling blunders research. The publication is self-contained on a bankruptcy foundation in order that the reader can visit the bankruptcy of curiosity instead of inevitably analyzing the full earlier fabric. many of the functions provided during this ebook are in accordance with the pc courses indexed within the past CVBEM booklet released by way of Springer-Verlag (Hromadka and Lai, 1987) and so aren't republished here.

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81) j=1 where pf(z) is an order k complex polynomial defined on element Rk(z) is a complex polynomial of order k. 9. Upper Half Plane Boundary Value Problems Further insight into the CVBEM is gained by examining the approximation accuracy in modeling Dirichlet boundary value problems in the upper half plane. In this section, the Dirichlet problem is studied where ",(z) is known continuously on boundary r and a single reference value of +(z) is known. (z), and +(z) is the stream function of f(z) = iro(z).

8. Expansion of the Hk Approximation Function '" In this section, the CVBEM Hk function OOk(z) will be expanded into the form '" = '£.. 50) j where P t(z) is an order k complex interpolating polynomial defined on boundary element rj, and Rk(Z) is an order k residual complex polynomial. Should the solution to the boundary value problem ro(z), be an order k (or less) polynomial, then necessarily ~(Z) = ro(z) =P t(z). 51) The expansion of the HI and HO approximation functions will be developed first, with the results then generalized to the arbitrary Hk approximation function which is based on order k polynomial basis functions.

O. It can be noted that the solution ro(z) is of a form analogous to the HI approximation function expansion of Eq. 62). 10. The Approximate Boundary for Error Analysis The CVBEM is used to develop an analytic approximation function ro(z) which exactly satisfies the Laplace equation throughout the interior of " the problem domain, Q. As the values of ro(z) approach the values of the exact solution of the boundary value problem ro{z) for all points z on the problem boundary r, then the error I ro(z) - ro(z) I is reduced throughout Qur.

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