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By C. G. Jung

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5 lengthy essays that hint Jung's constructing curiosity in alchemy from 1929 onward. An creation and complement to his significant works at the topic, illustrated with forty two patients' drawings and work.

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I t reacts u p o n its m aker. 17 I t has the obvious purpose of draw ­ ing a sulcus p rim ig en iu s, a m agical fu rro w a ro u n d th e centre, th e tem ple or tem enos (sacred precinct), of th e in n erm o st p e r­ sonality, in o rd e r to p rev en t an "outflow ing” o r to g u a rd by apotropaic m eans against d istractin g influences from outside. , p . ] ! 6 Cf. A valon, T h e S e rp en t P ow er. 17 Cf. th e ex cellen t co llectio n in K nuchel, D ie U m w a n d lu n g in K u lt, M a g ie u n d R ech tsb ra u ch .

T h u s h u n m eans “clo u d -d em o n ,” a h ig h e r b reath -so u l b elo n g ­ in g to th e yang p rin c ip le a n d th erefo re m asculine. A fte r d eath , h u n rises u p w ard a n d becom es shen, the “e x p a n d in g a n d selfrev ealin g ” s p irit o r god. “A n im a ,” called p ’o, an d w ritte n w ith th e characters for “w h ite ” an d “ d e m o n ,” th a t is, “w h ite g h o st,” belongs to th e low er, e a rth b o u n d , bodily soul, th e y in p rin c ip le , an d is th erefo re fem in in e.

M o reo v er, th e ir a u to n o m y can b e o b serv ed in d a ily life, in affects th a t o b sti­ n a te ly o b tru d e th em selv es a g a in st o u r w ill a n d , in sp ite of th e m o st s tre n u o u s efforts to rep ress th e m , o v erw h elm th e ego an d fo rce it u n d e r th e ir c o n tro l. N o w o n d e r th e p rim itiv e sees in th ese m oods a sta te of possession o r sets th e m d o w n to a loss of soul. O u r c o llo q u ia l speech reflects th e sam e th in g w h e n w e say: “ I d o n ’t k n o w w h a t has g o t in to h im to d a y ,” “ h e is possessed of th e d e v il,” ‘‘h e is b esid e h im se lf,” etc.

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