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By Cynthia Young

The 3rd version of Cynthia Young’s Algebra & Trigonometry brings jointly the entire parts that experience allowed teachers and rookies to effectively “bridge the gap” among school room guide and self reliant homework by way of overcoming universal studying boundaries and construction self belief in students’ skill to do arithmetic. Written in a transparent, unmarried voice that speaks to scholars and mirrors how teachers speak in lecture, Young’s hallmark pedagogy allows scholars to turn into self sustaining, winning freshmen. diversified workout kinds and modeling tasks preserve the educational clean and motivating. during this variation, younger maintains her culture of fostering a love for succeeding in arithmetic via introducing inquiry-based studying tasks, supplying newcomers a chance to grasp the fabric with extra freedom whereas reinforcing mathematical abilities and instinct.

The seamless integration of Cynthia Young’s Algebra & Trigonometry third variation with WileyPLUS, a research-based, on-line atmosphere for powerful instructing and studying, maintains Young’s imaginative and prescient of creating pupil self belief in arithmetic since it takes the guesswork out of learning by way of delivering them with a transparent roadmap: what to do, the right way to do it, and whether or not they did it correct.

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3 Group like factors together. CONCEPTUAL In Exercises 77–80, determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. 77. Ϫ2 ϭ (Ϫ2) , if n is an integer. n n 83. Ϫa2 ϩ 2ab for a ϭ Ϫ2, b ϭ 3 84. 2a3 Ϫ 7a2 for a ϭ 4 78. Any nonzero real number raised to the zero power is one. n+1 79. In Exercises 83–86, evaluate the expression for the given value. x = x for x ϭ any real number. xn 85. Ϫ16t2 ϩ 100t for t ϭ 3 86. 80. xϪ1 ϩ xϪ2 ϭ xϪ3 a3 - 27 for a ϭ Ϫ2 a - 4 n k 81. Simplify A (am) B .

3y 6x , 7 28 y Z 0 68. 2 1# 5 7 3 6 In Exercises 69–72, evaluate the algebraic expression for the specified values. 69. 71. ■ -c 2d for c ϭ Ϫ4, d ϭ 3 m1 # m2 r 2 for m1 ϭ 3, m2 ϭ 4, r ϭ 10 70. 2l ϩ 2w 72. x - m s for for l ϭ 5, w ϭ 10 x ϭ 100, m ϭ 70, s ϭ 15 A P P L I C AT I O N S On December 16, 2007, the United States debt was estimated at $9,176,366,494,947, and at that time the estimated population was 303,818,361 citizens. 73. S. National Debt. Round the debt to the nearest million. 74. S. Population.

Y3)2 27. (4a)3 28. (4x2) 29. (Ϫ2t)3 30. (Ϫ3b)4 31. (5xy2) (3x3y) 3 33. x5 y3 34. 7 xy b -4 37. a b 2 41. 2 45. 42. y5 x2 35. -2 -5 y x (2xy)2 (- 2xy) Ϫ2 y-4 x5 46. 4 3 a2(- xy4) 4 (2x3) (y-1z) 3 2t x4(- a3 y2) 4 5 50. s 3 -4(x2 y3) Ϫ4 2 (x3 y-1) 44. 2 -2 (xy ) (x3 y-2) 4 3 -3 (x y ) -4 5 -2 (- 4x ) y z -2 (-3x3 y) 40. (Ϫ9xϪ3 y2) 2 43. -2 2 3 3(x y) 2 32. (4x2 y)(2xy3) 36. 3 39. (9aϪ2 b3 ) x-3 y2 3 12(x-2 y) 49. s 2 c -2 38. a b 3 a-2 b3 a4 b5 3 b - 3(- x3 y2) 3 t y2(- b2 x5) 47. (x y ) 2 5 5 [-2(x3) y-4] 51.

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