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Most interestingly, all made spontaneous reference to the bra ®tting sessions that were a staple part of the show, giving voice, I thought, to a yearning for the touch and libidinal cathexis of the bodily self by a mother who could `support' the development of their femininity. , mentioned that she hated her breasts and had read in a magazine that `a good bra can make a lot of difference'. I mused aloud that what might make a difference As you desire me was perhaps not just the bra itself, but the fact that someone would be taking an interest in her appearance.

Behind the carefully constructed tough veneer (which was concretely expressed through the presentation of their bodily self: tattoos, piercings, choice of clothing, posture) these girls nevertheless revealed considerable fragility. Two of them were in fact excluded from taking part in the programme. The others were well enough (psychiatrically speaking, that is) to take part, yet determined to play out their search for the mother's loving gaze on the screen. As their stories unfolded, two recurring themes emerged.

When I asked her what she thought her As you desire me 39 mother would think if she did manage to see the show, Ms Y. succinctly replied: I hope it makes her realise what a slob she's become. , there may be not just the yearning for an idealised mother who will look at the self with admiring, loving eyes, but also an accompanying sense of grievance about the felt deprivation and hence a need to attack the object. In some of the patients I have worked with, this grievance takes on a more pernicious quality in their minds.

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