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By Geoffrey Abbott

ISBN-10: 1840245034

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The company of dying will be heavily absurd, and not anything illustrates this higher than those grotesque real stories. This gory compendium info the frankly ridiculous ways that a couple of ill-fated unfortunates met (or did not meet) their maker by the hands of sadly inept executioners. With black and white illustrations, this ebook brings jointly a mix of bungled executions, unusual final requests and vintage one-liners from medieval instances to the current day.

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After this, escorted by the lords, knights, and gentlemen, the Sheriff leading, she passed into the great hall and stepped up on to the scaffold, this being two feet high and twelve feet broad, with rails about, hanged and covered with black. She sat down on a low stool and, being thus seated, the warrant for her execution was read out. She listened unto it with as small regard as if it had not concerned her at all, and with as cheerful a countenance as if it had been a pardon from her majesty for her life.

With his assistant holding her still with one hand on her back, Simon Bull brought down the axe, only to have his blow go badly off-aim, striking the knot of the blindfold and apparently stunning her. Again he struck, this time with more success, though in order to sever the head completely, he had perforce to cut through a little gristle with his knife. The contemporary account continued, ‘The executioner then lifted up the head to the view of all the assembly and bade ‘God save the Queen’ [Queen Elizabeth, of course].

They both start to slow immediately, but whereas breathing stops in seconds, the heart may beat for up to twenty minutes after the drop. The last public execution in England took place on 26 May 1868 when Michael Barratt was hanged by executioner William Calcraft for attempting to blow up the Clerkenwell House of Correction in order to rescue colleagues imprisoned therein; the explosion resulted in twelve fatalities and many innocent members of the public were injured. indd 31 12/04/2006 14:48:22 AMAZING TRUE STORIES OF EXECUTION BLUNDERS altogether, claiming that being in private, without independent witnesses, executions would become even more brutal.

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