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Randy Kraft was once extremely smart, politically lively, unswerving to his neighbors, dedicated to his work--and the killer of sixty seven people--more than the other serial killer identified. This e-book deals a glimpse into the darkish brain of a residing monster. "To open this publication is to open a peephole into hell"

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Every week there were clashes between groups whose alliances and borders were as convoluted and shifting as those in Europe during the Thirty Years War. The struggle was so chaotic it resembled disorganized crime rather than organized crime, and the police were worried it might end in a massacre. Four years ago, just across the border in Seattle, a Chinese gang had executed 13 men in the Wah Mee gambling club, the worst such incident in American history; a few months before that, three were shot dead and eight wounded in New York’s Golden Star bar; in 1977, Chinese gunfire killed five and severely wounded 11 in San Francisco’s Golden Dragon Restaurant.

I met my wife, Leslie, driving cab. She was actually the only female New York cabdriver at the time—and may have been the first. An idealistic flower child and artist, she’d attended Woodstock, but she stole too, like me, to help put herself through Brooklyn College. And like me, she was encouraged by example. Her father fixed TV sets, and sometimes fixed them when they didn’t need fixing. Her father’s best friend was a mafioso who hung around the nightclubs along Rockaway Boulevard, later featured in the film Goodfellas.

The Vancouver police, who were slow to stop the riots in Chinatown in 1887 and 1907, were not aware of the finer points of these criminal secret societies, but they knew gangs were organizing and promoting prostitution and gambling in Chinatown, at least insofar as their own investigation revealed that Chinatown’s beat cops took payoffs from criminals in return for looking the other way. They also knew that Chinatown’s dens of iniquity had some clientele from outside the Chinese community—a fact that did not please Vancouver’s upholders of morality.

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