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By Jan Zienkowski

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This publication specializes in the discursive techniques that let activists to make experience of themselves and of the modes of politics they interact in. It exhibits how political and metadiscursive wisdom improve in tandem with a reconfiguration of one’s feel of self. the writer deals an built-in pragmatic and poststructuralist standpoint on self and subjectivity. He attracts on Essex type discourse conception, early pragmatist philosophy, and linguistic pragmatics, arguing for a idea of discourse as a multi-dimensional perform of articulation. Demonstrating the analytical strength of this angle, he places his method of paintings in an research of activist discourse on integration and minority matters in Flanders, Belgium. matters articulate a complete variety of norms, values, identities and narratives to one another after they interact in political discourse. This ebook deals the way to examine the logics that constitution political know-how and the linked barriers for discursive self-interpretation.

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So I really think ideological differences … . But I would, well, according to me it can be named like that. That way it becomes visible, [the fact] that there are differences within the community … . Also for that youngster … because it’s not that obvious you know … who thinks “yeah we’re all the same and there is just one Islam and there are …”, while that’s not the case eh. excerpt 13 – 22/08/2008 Nadia describes the type of subjectivity developed within the context of JVI in terms of “a type of … personal politics between quotation marks”.

Today, we have a relatively big backing, but this took a long time, you know. JZ: mmh MC: “that’s politics, leave me alone man” … JZ: Do they consider FMV to be political then … ? MC: Yes … . Politics like uhm. Until they come here. Their daughter or son in school. We get a lot of cases that are really uhm … . A question of teachers or allochthon students … . They say like “you have to stand up for … for your kids eh … and you have to organise yourself and and do something about education” and so on, and so on.

And then it starts. You feel something isn’t right. You are completely different and you feel, on the other side there is a pressure to be like them, and you have to give up your individuality in order to go along with, … jokes about Moroccans, with a certain perspective on life, with a certain lifestyle. And very early I have, resisted might not be the right word, but my way of dealing with this, I had discovered being a Muslim very early, and I started to read a lot about Islam. And there, for the first time, I got another representation of Islam than what you hear all of the time, even back then eh, I am talking about ’95 ’96.

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