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By Richard Buddin, Phuong D. Do

ISBN-10: 0833031643

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What are the reasons, nature, and volume of cash difficulties within the junior enlisted strength?

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22 Nevertheless, the experience of large-scale operations against regular forces in 1914–18 had, unsurprisingly, wrought irrevocable changes upon British military thought. The most obvious manifestation of this was the literary output of a sizeable number of officers and ex-officers, of whom the best known are Liddell Hart and Fuller, both producing book-length works still in print to this day. There were also papers published by these and many others in service journals, particularly The Army Quarterly and the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute, as well as various corps and regimental periodicals.

98 Another method used extensively was the creation of specialist units, raised and trained on the initiative of individuals or small groups of relatively junior officers, circumventing approved ‘chains of command’, and intended to carry out tasks deemed beyond the capability of regular troops. 99 An apparent forerunner of Wingate’s Special Night Squads was the Corps of Gurkha Scouts formed by Captains N. H. Edwards and G. G. Rogers of the Northwest Frontier Force (NWFF) in 1919. 100 Such forces can be identified in other theatres: in September 1920, the Royal Irish Constabulary, its morale collapsing in the face of IRA terrorism directed at officers and their families began raising its Auxiliary Division.

68 Boldness, aggression and ‘severity’ recurred in practice throughout this period. Martial Law was enforced in rebel areas of Ireland in 1920–1, twentyone death sentences being passed upon IRA members and sympathizers by The Doctrinal Background 33 courts martial, rebel houses being blown up and the Army’s official Record of operations referring openly and with undisguised approval to unauthorized reprisals by troops in Cork in May–June 1920, placing Sinn Fein leaders in convoys to forestall ambush, and the activities of the ‘Black and Tans’, the mainly British volunteers in the Royal Irish Constabulary who became a metaphor for crass brutality on both sides of the Irish Sea.

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