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The parameter values are B 1/4 = 150 MeV, T = 0 MeV, µu , µd , µs = 0 and αs = 0. 2. This plot shows stable (full line), and unstable (hatched line) configurations of the QGP bag. The parameter values are B 1/4 = 150 MeV, T = 200 MeV, µu , µd , µs = 0 and αs = 0. 3 · 106 times εnuc . 3. ). The hatched line corresponds to the Schwarzschild limit. All other parameter values are the same as in Fig. 2. are emitted. , with a step in r of 10 m. The eq. 7) for the kinetic pressure pk does not depend much on the strong coupling constant αs , even for αs values up to 2.

Many such signatures have been suggested in the literature, and some of them are reviewed here. Searching for a QGP formation is an event-by-event search where the events detected by the detector can be connected to some signature of a QGP. If the critical energy density is reached, several types of reactions are possible, not only QGP formation. , with a small impact parameter, where high mass densities are most likely to occur. g. high multiplicities, many nuclear fragments or protons or a high symmetry around the beam axis.

A kinetic pressure, from the motion of the quarks. • A Fermi pressure of the quarks. The kinetic pressure is identically zero if the temperature is zero. If a stable solution is to be found some kind of repulsive force must be taken into account. This is the degeneracy pressure of the quarks. The total pressure in the QGP bag will be divided into three parts: pt = pdg + pk − B. 1) B is the negative (inward acting) vacuum pressure and pk is the outward kinetic pressure. pdg stands for the sum of the gravitational and the degenerate (Fermi) pressure.

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