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By M. Scott Osborne

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This booklet is meant for one-quarter or one semester-courses in homological algebra. the purpose is to hide Ext and Tor early and with no distraction. It contains numerous extra themes, that are pursued independently of one another. a lot of those, reminiscent of Lazard's theorem, lengthy targeted sequences in Abelian different types with out dishonest, or the relation among Krull size and international size, are demanding to discover in different places. The meant viewers is moment or 3rd 12 months graduate scholars in algebra, algebraic topology, or the other box that makes use of homological algebra.

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9(b). Now suppose R is not left Noetherian. Then there exists a chain of left . Let I = U I,,. Choose injectives En and injections ideals Ii C 12 C 13 C 96 96 0 cpn : I/In En. Define cp(x) = ®cpn(x+In) if x E I. Since any x E I is in In for large n, tpn(x + In) = 0 for all but finitely many n. That is, cp takes values in ®En. If g is a filler for ®En then On(x + In) = gn(x) where g(x) = ®gn(x). But now on(x + In) = gn(x) = xgn(1) for x V In implies that gn(1) # 0 for all n. Thus, g(1) does not take values in DE,,, a contradiction.

S HomR(B, Homz(A, G)). This isomorphism is natural in A, B, and G; that is, a) If cp E HomR(B, B'), inducing W. E Homz(A ® B, A (9 B'), then Homz(A (& B, G) -- HomR(B, Homz(A, G)) 11omz* ,G) tHomjz(V,Homz(A,G)) Homz(A (9 B', G) -: HomR(B', Homz(A, G)) commutes. 2 Tensor Products 21 b) If cp E HomR(A, A'), inducing V. ,G) fHOMR(B,(p*) Homz(AII' (& B, G) _- HomR(B, Homz(A', G)) commutes. c) If cp E Hom(G, G'), then HomR(B, Homz(A, G)) Homz(A (9 B, G) 1H0mz0B,rp) IHomR(B,Homz(A,)) Homz(A (& B, G') -_ HomR(B, Homz(A, G')) commutes.

In this section we shall describe how these long exact sequences arise, and derive two of them (one each for Ext and Tor). First, how they arise. For this purpose, a chain complex will denote a complex C = (Ci, di) of Abelian groups, with di : Ci Ci_1i and with i coming in from oo. ): In one, the Ci also go off to -oo, while in the other the Ci terminate at i = 0 (so do = 0). The second can be thought of as a special case of the first (with Ci = 0 for i < 0), so we adopt the first convention now.

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