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Attractive! Very easily, in an effort to have an perception on linear algebraic tactics, and why this and that occurs so and so, this is often the e-book. Topic-wise, it's virtually entire for a primary remedy. every one bankruptcy begins with a gradual advent, development instinct after which will get into the formal fabric.

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23, C8, F. Oppenheimer, L. H. Johnston, C. Richman, Php. Rev. (A), 70, 447 (1946). 11. I 73, 535 (1948). - 8. We A. Aron, e t a l , "Range-Energy Curves," AECU-663 (1949). UCRL236 Revised c *i? L * c A ; 1 C A C A C e 0 6 a C A Fig. 2 Linear Acceleratm Produced by Introducing Drift Tubes into h v i t y Excited as in Fig. 1. Division into Unit hlls. 1 I [ * I 1 r ? ii i iE $483 52 -54- UcRL-236 Revised U C 1 A Fig. 4 Fields i n " U n i t Cell" of Accelerator. Note that a Across DC Would Not Change Distribution.

Rev ~ - 2. Kinsey, _ Phys. Rev. (A), _ 3. I. J. Sloan, Patent No. 2,398,162. 4. W. 5. Veksler, Journ. 1943 (1945). 6. L. C. Slater, Rev. * - E. Hansen, Rev. Sci. Instr. 19, 89 t1948). Phys. R. -9, - 153 (1945); Mcblillan, Phys. Rev. 68, - Mod. Phys. 20, 473 (1948). 7, H. Bradner, Rev. Sci. Instr. 19, 662 (1948). R. Serber, Phys. Rev. (A), 9. ' 10. Panofsky, C. Richman, F. Oppenheimer, B u l l . Am, Phys. 12. L. C. Slater, Microwave Electronics, Rev. 13. E. M. &Millan, Phys. Rev. 80, 493 (1950).

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