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By Cam Banks

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Тhe draconians captured me first-more years in the past than I care to recollect. (Ну I labbakuks fist, i believe that was once two decades previous after we performed D&D round an outdated kitchen desk in Evansville, Indiana.) Manlike creatures birthcd from the corrupted eggs of dragons, they have been quickly to spirit me off to Krynn and take my mind's eye on a wild, wonderful trip. Theyve held me prisoner ever when you consider that that first event, and because that point Ive had the excitement ofliberally sprinkling them all through my Dragonlance novels.

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that nonetheless seems like their own.
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to GM” sections are one of many methods I’m aiding you're making Shaintar your international up to mine.
the main winning leisure houses are those that mix cutting edge and artistic principles with
recognizable options that the viewers can relate to. I make no bones concerning the indisputable fact that i've got selected to use
traditional principles, but I’ve additionally striven to reshape and mix them in new how one can current a distinct gaming experience.
I wish you get pleasure from it.

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Missing from his body were his left ring finger and the royal signet that adorned it. T he signet, though nonmagical, is nevertheless a potent treasure. Only the true king or queen of Cheliax is eligible to wear the signet, making it a symbol of resistance against House Th rune since winning the Chelish Civil War in 4640 AR. The reappearance of Gaspodar' s Signet a fter nearly a hundred years of obscurity would be a rallying cry for all the latent enemies of Cheliax's infernal monarchy, for the wearer of the signet would have a legal right to c h allenge th e legitimacy of th e Th rune government.

Airborne Sailing FEATHERED GALLEY OF ATAYLOS Colossa l s h i p Squares 4 ( 2 0 f t . ); Cost 63,500 g p DEFENSE AC 2; Hardness 1O 3,1 20 (oa rs 1,400, s a i l s 320) Base Save +8 hp OFFENSE 60 ft. (m uscle), 60 ft. (wi nd), o r 1 2 0 ft. (muscle and wi nd); Acceleration 3 0 ft. CMB +8; CMD 1 8 Ram m ing Damage 8d8 Maximum Speed The Feathered Galley of A tay/as is encha nted with the a b i l ity to fly for short d i sta nces, giving it an edge in eva d i n g p i rates and sea monsters. The Feathered Galley can fly for a tota l of 10 non­ consecutive ro unds per day, as the fly spell.

Once per day, if the wearer eats a pound of fl esh from a creature of its own race, the a m u let g rants the wearer a +2 enha ncement bonus to Strength for 24 h o u rs. I f t h e wearer goes 24 h o u rs wi t h o ut c o ns u m i n g su c h flesh, h owever, t h i s b o n us to Strength ends and t h e wearer ta kes 2 poi nts of Strength d a m a g e. Every day the wea rer doesn't eat such flesh, he ta kes 2 additional points of Strength damage. This damage can be healed normal ly. Eating such flesh a g a i n te m porarily negates the Strength damage from this effect and restores the bonus to Strength, but a l l damage that hasn't been healed retu rns if t h e a m u l et is removed o r a ca n n i b a l istic meal is missed.

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