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Полный официальной каталог мощных транзисторов от ON Semiconductor за 2001 год. Приведены все электрические и геометрические параметры. Расшифровки обозначений и т. п.

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2 Figure 6. 0 10 IC, COLLECTOR CURRENT (AMP) 20 30 VCE , COLLECTOR-EMITTER VOLTAGE (VOLTS) TJ = 150°C 100 Figure 7. 0 Figure 9. Collector Saturation Region Figure 8. com 45 10 ON Semiconductort NPN 2N3773 * Complementary Silicon Power Transistors The 2N3773 and 2N6609 are PowerBaset power transistors designed for high power audio, disk head positioners and other linear applications. These devices can also be used in power switching circuits such as relay or solenoid drivers, dc to dc converters or inverters.

0 10 VCE , COLLECTOR-EMITTER VOLTAGE (VOLTS) Figure 2. 0 Figure 3. 0Ăk Figure 4. com 37 ON Semiconductort 2N3771* 2N3772 High Power NPN Silicon Power Transistors . . designed for linear amplifiers, series pass regulators, and inductive switching applications. 17 _C/W Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range CASE 1–07 TO–204AA (TO–3) THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristics Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case *Indicates JEDEC Registered Data. 200 PD, POWER DISSIPATION (WATTS) 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 TC, CASE TEMPERATURE (°C) 175 200 Figure 1.

1 Figure 12. 0 Figure 13. 8 20 Figure 11. DC Current Gain VCE , COLLECTOR-EMITTER VOLTAGE (VOLTS) VCE , COLLECTOR-EMITTER VOLTAGE (VOLTS) Figure 10. 0 IC, COLLECTOR CURRENT (AMPS) IC, COLLECTOR CURRENT (AMPS) Figure 14. “On” Voltage Figure 15. 0 10 20 30 50 70 100 VCE, COLLECTOR-EMITTER VOLTAGE (VOLTS) Figure 16. Forward Bias Safe Operating Area There are two limitations on the power handling ability of a transistor: average junction temperature and second breakdown. , the transistor must not be subjected to greater dissipation than the curves indicate.

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