New PDF release: Bobby Fischer III: 1968 - 1992

By Vassili Smyslov

ISBN-10: 8487301789

ISBN-13: 9788487301780

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This is often an actual copy of a e-book released prior to 1923. this isn't an OCR'd booklet with unusual characters, brought typographical blunders, and jumbled phrases. This publication can have occasional imperfections reminiscent of lacking or blurred pages, bad photographs, errant marks, and so on. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought by way of the scanning technique.

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One is definitetyinc l i n e dt o a g r e ew i t h T e i c h m a n (ni n t h e t o u r n a m e nbt o o k )i n c a l l i n gt h i s m o v e inferior. Therefollowed4 Ng1"f3Nb&c6! NxeSand the loss o{ castlingis morethan compensated for by the two pawnse5 and fS. h7-h66 h2-h4Nfeg4. A l l o f t h i sa c c o r d i ntgo D r . K r a u s e A , n d n o w - w i l l y n i l l y - | h a dt o m o v e 7 d4-d5. I e4 fxe g Nxeb d x e 1 0 B g 3{ i n t h e g a m et h e s o m e w h awt e a k e Ir B x e sd x e g e 4 e 6 l 1 ON h 2 (still the best becauseit threatensBc') was playedafter which, insteadof the 4 d u b i o u sa c c e p t a n c' 1e0 , .

This moveimprovesthe wholevariation i m m e n s e l{ys e eD i a g r a mI l ) . h) 'r/zd't':lzt lt 2"',,fu. *\ A ,a \39 The pawn sacrificeinvolvedin 7. e5 I dxc6 e5xf4 9 cxb BxbT 10 Od4 after the waitingmove10 'Od7 lf White seemsto offer Blackgoodchances 7 l l o w e db y B f 6 r e s u l t isn a t r e m e n ' n o w p l a y sa t o n c e1 1 O x { 4t h e n 1 ' 1 . . B ef o to movesomethingelsefirst (to keep wants if White douspoiition. However, possible) then he is at a lossfor a move as position as long queen central the (artifi' 11 GOO leavesf2 unprotectedand after 11 Rd'1a6 12 Rh3 because Be7 threatens already GGo go side) the other to cial,but the rook wantsto wjth Bh4t Nxf2 Kxf2 the combination of account fails on OxgT because Oxg7.

20 Od4 Kb8 21 b4 Rd'18 22 +4 Nc6 23 Od2 94 24 Bd3 d5 27 c5 d4 28 Rh'e2 93 Rf-d8. White standsinferior. 25 b5 Ne7 26 occupationof e3 or c3 bv won through Black e5 and 30 6os 29 e+ Oxcs moves. few a more in the Ne7 gametherefollowed: In the correspondence Be6xc4 9 .... 0d8-d7 10 Nfld4 11 Bfl-h3!! s6 12 Bh3's2ll in the variationl2 d5 The forcedmove97-96weakensBlack'sresources ( d u e O d 4 w o u l dw i n a p i e c e ' . t o n o w b e c a u s e 9 6 ) 1 4 b 3 B b 4 ? O f c o u r s et h e t h r e a tw a s1 2 N x f s O x f 5 1 3 r l a c kw o u l db e a b l et o d e f e n dh i m s e laf g a i n st th a tw i t h 1 ' 1 .

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