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This calculation only really makes sense with integer numbers where there can be a remainder. When dividing floating point numbers there isn’t a remainder, just a fraction. Hence this operator cannot be applied to reals. 25 is assigned to “h” integer division is still done, despite “h” being double. uk Slide No. 3 Using Arithmetic Operators One operator “+” must add integers together and add reals together. It might almost have been easier to provide two, then the programmer could carefully choose whenever addition was performed.

Uk Slide No. 13 Integer Example INT_MIN, INT_MAX The output of the program shows the code was run on a machine where an int was 16 bits, 2 bytes in size. Thus the largest value is 32767. It can also be seen the maximum value of an unsigned int is exactly twice that, at 65535. SAMPLE ONLY NOT TO BE USED FOR TRAINING Similarly the maximum value of an unsigned long int is exactly twice that of the maximum value of a signed long int. uk Slide No. 14 Character Example C has the char data type for dealing with characters.

Not only will they produce 1 or 0, they are will be evaluated in a well defined order. The left-most condition is always evaluated first, even if the condition is more complicated, like: C Guarantees SAMPLE ONLY NOT TO BE USED FOR TRAINING if(a && b && c && d || e) Here “a” will be evaluated first. If true, “b” will be evaluated. It true, “c” will be evaluated and so on. The next guarantee C makes is that as soon as it is decided whether a condition is true or false, no further evaluation is done.

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