Jo Ann Smith's C++ Programs to Accompany Programming Logic and Design PDF

By Jo Ann Smith

ISBN-10: 032478144X

ISBN-13: 9780324781441

C++ courses TO ACCOMPANY PROGRAMMING good judgment AND layout is designed to be paired with the 5th variation of the hugely profitable Programming common sense and layout by way of Joyce Farrell. the 2 books jointly give you the ideal chance if you happen to are looking to study the basics of programming and in addition get a style of a precise programming language. clients can become aware of how actual C++ code behaves whereas final in the context of the conventional language-independent common sense and layout path.

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Suppose you wrote the following code, but your program is not compiling. Take a few minutes to study this code and then answer Questions 1–2. // This program calculates the number of gallons of paint needed. 2; double squareFeet; int numGallons; numGallons = squareFeet / 200; squareFeet = (width1 * height1 + width2 * height2) * 2; cout << "Number of Gallons: " << numGallons << endl; return 0; } 1. cpp(12) : warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'squareFeet' used There are multiple problems with this program even though the compiler issued only one error message, which is pointing out an uninitialized variable on line number 12 in the source code file.

After evaluating the expression, the computer stores the results in the memory location associated with answer. If the value stored in the variable named num1 is 3, and the value stored in the variable named num2 is 20, then the value 60 is assigned to the variable named answer. Here is another example: answer += num1; This statement is equivalent to the following statement: answer = answer + num1; If the value of answer is currently 10 and the value of num1 is 3, then the expression on the right side of the assignment statement answer + num1; evaluates to 13, and the computer assigns the value 13 to answer.

A variable of the int data type consists of 32 bits (4 bytes) of space in memory. 5). A variable of the double data type consists of 64 bits (8 bytes) of space in memory. You will learn about using other data types as you continue to learn more about C++ in subsequent courses. The int and double data types will be adequate for all the numeric variables you will use in this book. But what about when you need to store a group of characters (such as a person’s name) in a variable? In programming, we refer to a group of one or more characters as a string.

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