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By Jacques Pecheur; Edvige Costanzo; Muriel Molinie

ISBN-10: 209033245X

ISBN-13: 9782090332452

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Seq( CLUBS x N) display! 5, ptsc (tablec (i»)} o We claim that this specification is an acceptable refinement of the one above. , the effect of the outputs in the operations; • if options have been left open, we are free to make a choice. The first observation leads to the idea of data refinement where state spaces can be altered between developments. , the reduction of nondeterminism, allows us both to weaken the precondition of an operation and to resolve the non-determinism in any outputs.

It is OK to declare components twice in a schema, as with manager and coach above, provided the declarations are compatible, in the sense that all declarations of the same name have the same type. ) 2,1 L An Introduction to Z Apart from a state and operations on that state (possibly with 10: input and output variables), for a full state-based description we also need an initial state. The collection of possible initial states is described by an initialisation schema. , a schema on S' when the state is given by S.

Then Renamepq » BuyPlayer = BuyPlayer[ q? ]. = [Renamepq; BuyPlayer 1 p! = p? 2, is already very close to the horizontal schema notation: a collection of typed variables, and a predicate on those, separated by Z does in fact take this analogy to its logical conclusion, and allows any schema to occur in the place of a declaration. Using this feature, we can express many of our previous examples much more succinctly. For example, we considered I. : PLAYER. BuyAny and V dFBT. : PLAYER. 2 (Satisfiable initialisation).

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Campus 3: Methode De Francais FRENCH by Jacques Pecheur; Edvige Costanzo; Muriel Molinie

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