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S. Perkin I, 1975, 666. aol I. J. Burden and J. F. S. Perkin I, 1975, 675. lg3 lg4 lg6 Acetals 39 [5,3,0]decanes (cf. Vol. 7, p. 198). 2014The conformations of the sevenmembered rings in 2,5-O- and 1,3:2,5-di-O-methylenemannitol 202 and 1,6-di-0benzyl-2,5-O-methylene-~-arabino-hex-3-ulose 203 have been discussed. ) required for complex formation with the cations, the acyclic form is able to adopt a suitable conformation for complexation. 205 201a 2oa 2os 204 206 R. B. Jensen, 0. Buchardt, S. E.

70% yield by the reaction shown in Scheme 7. Deacetylation of BnO*oe. BnO N3 Reagent: i, AgzC08-AgC104-CHzC1z Scheme 7 the disaccharide derivative (8) clearly permits this approach to be extended to the synthesis of related trisaccharides and higher oligosaccharides. gl Other disaccharides synthesized during the past year include a-mglucopyranosyl a-L-sorbopyranoside (by an enzymic method),s2 gentiobi~se,~~, 64 6 - 0 - / 3 - ~ 6g 6o 6x 63 63 64 H. Paulsen and W. Stenzel, Angew. Chem. Internat. , 1975, 14, 558.

1974, 61, 644. nS W. Wells, R. E. -H. Kuo, and N. Iritani, Biochem. Biophys. Res. , 1975, 65, 1061. lZo lZ1 ma 129 18' lZa C. Cintron, Biochem. Biophys. Res. , 1974, 60, 288. I. Kusakabe, T. Yasui, and T. Kobayashi, Agric. and Biol. Chem. (Japan), 1975,39, 1355. J. Schneider, H. H. Liu, and Y . C. , 1975,39, 156. J. Frgala, M. cerng, and J. Stanek, Coll. Czech. Chem. , 1975,40, 1411. L. Matta, R. N. Girotra, and J. J. , 1975,43, 101. M. Claeyssens, F. Deleyn, E. Saman, and C. K. , 1975, 42, 352.

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