Greg Lynch's Conan and the Tower of the Elephant (Conan RPG) PDF

By Greg Lynch

ISBN-10: 1905471351

ISBN-13: 9781905471355

Conan and the Tower of the Elephant Conan: The Roleplaying online game has been commonly approved by means of avid gamers because the such a lot dramatic strengthen in gaming because the arrival of the d20 method. packed with leading edge principles and intriguing options, it's the such a lot spoke of RPG of the yr. within the Zamorian urban of Arenjun stands a unmarried tower. Surrounded through a walled backyard, like a beacon to the heavens, the proper, gem-encrusted Elephant Tower thrusts excessive into the Zamorian sky; aloof, impenetrable and alien. it's the home of excessive Priest Yara and the resting position of the Elephant’s middle, regarded as the main beneficial jewel on the earth. So invaluable that regardless of the well known impenetrability of the tower, finally anyone could attempt to thieve it … The Tower of the Elephant is the 1st in a brand new sequence of vintage Conan experience eventualities dependent at once at the unique tales of Robert E. Howard, permitting the participant Characters to adopt the very adventures that the strong Cimmerian as soon as persevered. The Tower of the Elephant is designed for 4 to 6 participant Characters of among 4th and sixth personality point and combines occasions and encounters that may require a mixture of talents to outlive and triumph over. This event offers participant Characters the chance to check their mettle opposed to the best of demanding situations and stroll the trail of Hyboria’s most renowned adventurer.

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is assorted in that it additionally makes an attempt to address
real concerns for actual online game Masters attempting to use
something they didn't create to inform a story
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the main profitable leisure homes are those that mix leading edge and artistic rules with
recognizable ideas that the viewers can relate to. I make no bones in regards to the proven fact that i've got selected to use
traditional rules, but I’ve additionally striven to reshape and mix them in new how one can current a special gaming experience.
I wish you get pleasure from it.

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The named character can be affected by the hypnotic suggestion even if he would usually be immune by virtue of his hit dice. If he does pick up the gem, he is immediately struck down by the chosen curse, with no saving throw. If the curse was shrinking doom, the named character will be sucked into the heart of the elephant itself at the conclusion of the spell, there to remain trapped forever. ; 29,700 xp; caster level 20th; spells required: lesser ill-fortune, ill-fortune, greater illfortune, shrinking doom, astrological prediction, dream of wisdom, visions, entrance, hypnotic suggestion.

That target is affected by a hypnotic suggestion to pick up the gem, the instant he sees it. He may make a Will save as usual to avoid the hypnotic suggestion, but the DC is set by the magic attack roll of the now-deceased Yaggite when alive. The named character can be affected by the hypnotic suggestion even if he would usually be immune by virtue of his hit dice. If he does pick up the gem, he is immediately struck down by the chosen curse, with no saving throw. If the curse was shrinking doom, the named character will be sucked into the heart of the elephant itself at the conclusion of the spell, there to remain trapped forever.

Player Characters scholars may even be tempted to follow in Yara’s footsteps, keeping Yag-Kosha alive to wring secrets from him while plumbing the mysteries of the heart of the elephant, using the Elephant Tower as a new headquarters. Alternatively, the Player Characters may be willing to put Yag-Kosha out of his misery, but unwilling to sacrifice an item of such power as the heart of the elephant. Games Masters may wish to remind Player Characters suddenly giddy at the thought of such power that the heart of the elephant is an incredibly powerful item, and once the fact of Yara’s death is exposed, many, many eyes will be turning towards the new owners of the heart of the elephant.

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