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By Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld

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Over the years, studies have been conducted to test a wide variety of claims that cameras are harmful to the judicial system. Most studies, which will be discussed in more detail in subsequent chapters, have concluded that cameras do not cause the harm that the Estes Court feared. 225 Chapter 3 _________________________________________________________ THE DEVELOPMENT OF COURT TV It is evident that cameras in the courtroom remains a controversial topic. The latest, and predictably controversial, step in the broadcast of court proceedings was the creation of the Courtroom Television Network (Court TV).

It shrank dramatically and the company floundered for awhile under Brill's leadership. As the ratings fell, the partners of Court TV began bickering about the direction the network should take. Hoping to rekindle interest in trials just before Brill left, Brill hired Eric Sorenson from CBS News and Levinson to build more programming life into the model and to market trials effectively to consumers. Levinson and others planned to narrow the focus of Court TV to be more news oriented. Levinson and Sorenson attempted to incorporate more news breaks and legal news, which would market Court TV trials more aggressively.

Simpson murder trial. The nation closely followed the case, and Court TV was there with gavelto-gavel coverage. Advertisers began to pay attention, and it seemed that the network would keep its viewers past the sensational trial. (See Appendix I for a listing and brief description of trials and hearings aired from 1999 to 2001 to see the variety of cases televised). The Development of Court TV 33 THE CABLE INDUSTRY There are two sides to the cable business in the United States. One side is the cable business that the average subscriber pays $20 or $40 a month to get a multitude of channels which include the national broadcast channels, government access channel of some sort, local channels, and basic cable channels like Court TV, CNN, MTV, ESPN and A&E.

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