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By (Eds.) M. Karoubi, A. O. Kuku, C. Pedrini

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Conversely, If x is not p r i m i t i v e primitive of H,. x is primitive. and s i m i l a r l y = 1 = ; the b i. Choose = 0 = u,v a H ~ such that for i z 2. T h e n we have which contradicts the = = 1 x is o r t h o g o n a l to all d e c o m p o s a b l e elements. Therefore x is p r i m i t i v e . 2. F o r the p r o o f Lemma. 2 see by a,b h o m o g e n e o u s .

But this contradicts (M). Thus the induction Part = O, and hence, to degree (2) Is proved n is complete similarly to theorem we have height the fact that and (x i) is a system of type (I) is proved. 1 using the following lemma. The details are left to the reader. Lemma. Let (x i) be a system of g e n e r a t o r s of type (M). If x k is in the center of H, s is not a p o w e r of p, and x ks-i ~ 0 then x ks ~ O. Corresponding to each x i we can write a Poincar6 p o l y n o m i a l F i + t d~ + t 2d~ series + ...

Skew commutative) x a n d y we have xy If A = K 2 t h e n this o v e r A. W h e n (i,J). If M is an A - a l g e b r a and M i M J c M i+j . t i. x E ~ Mi If x e M i, we say that it is h o m o g e n e o u s of d e g r e e i. i:O S i m i l a r l y M is b i g r a d e d if M = ~ M i'j. An element x c M i'j bihomogeneous which if is simply we have x 2 = O. = (-1)d~176 commutativity. If A : Kp w i t h p ~ 2 then for an element x If M1, M 2 are graded A-modules tensor product defining bigraded then their tensor product by M 1 s M .

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