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By H. H. E. Leipholz, M. Abdel-Rohman (auth.)

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In order to make the control problem solvable, further conditions have to be introduced, for example, so-called optimization criteria. E. Leipholz and M. Abdel-Rohman 48 additional conditions depends on the skill and experience of the engineer concerned, control is not only a mathematical but to a great extent a design problem. Depending on the nature of the chosen control operator A, the task to specify the control can become mathematically more or less difficult. The operator can for example be chosen to be simply a function involving a single undetermined parameter.

It is therefore quite reasonable to take up the question of the control of continuous objects in the context of structural control. L. 1], there remains the task to translate Morphology of Structural Control 39 findings of a theoretician into a formulation which allows application to practice. Also, when adjusting theory to practice, pro- blems may come up, which may require extensions of the already existing theory, the need of which the theoretician may not have been able to perceive. Hence, there remains still much work to be done that requires devoted and to a degree exclusive dedication to structural control.

Step function, ramp function, parabolic function, and unit impulse functions are common examples. 2 . ~. ~. Step Ramp ~. r~fotldt :'. 2 - Standard Input Functions The general characteristics which a well-designed control system should possess are: stability, steady-state accuracy, satisfactory transient response, and/or satisfactory frequency response. l These criteria are summarized in the following. Stability Stability means that G(t) must not grow without bound due to a bounded input. E. LeiphoZz and M.

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Control of structures by H. H. E. Leipholz, M. Abdel-Rohman (auth.)

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