Lerner K.L. (ed.), Lerner B.W. (ed.)'s Crime and Punishment: Essential Primary Sources PDF

By Lerner K.L. (ed.), Lerner B.W. (ed.)

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Can no law be framed, having for its object the prevention and punishment of the crime of abortion; a law so broad in its scope, so perfect in its details, that the principals above named, cannot escape detection, trial, and condign punishment? It is a hopeful sign to see that the clergy are becoming aroused to a sense of their duty in this respect, and I cordially endorse the remarks of the author of a recent article on this subject, who says: “Quack doctors, irregular practitioners, and the whole race of vagrant female hyenas who will take foetal life for fifty dollars, and gratuitously kill or ruin the credulous wife or “unfortunate,” should be treated as pests to be “purified by fire,” if necessary.

Fyodor M. Dostoevsky, Reprinted in 2001; originally published in Russia in 1866. . 5 Who are the Criminals?. Edwin M. Hale, 1867 . . 8 ■ PRIMARY SOURCES . . . . . . . Relation Between Occupation and Criminality of Women Mary Katherine Conyngton, 1911 . . . 11 Gangster Al Capone Charged on Income Tax Violations . Anonymous, 1931 . . . 15 Patty Hearst With Rifle Inside Bank Anonymous, 1974 . . . . . . 16 Note from Son of Sam: Serial Killers . David Berkowitz, 1977 .

Web sites The Five Points Site. htm> (accessed March 9, 2006). ■ PRIMARY SOURCE THE BOWERY AND THE NOTORIOUS FIVE POINTS Crime and Punishment NEIGHBORHOOD See primary source image. ■ Book excerpt By: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky SIGNIFICANCE Certainly poverty, hard labor, disease, and a lack of sanitation were endemic to Five Points, which attracted the attention of prominent literary figures and social reformers of the era. In 1842, Charles Dickens fueled the area’s reputation as place of violence and drunkenness: “[D]ebauchery has made the very houses prematurely old.

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