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5 Motherboard Adjustments See page 6-14 for motherboard jumper configuration. 6 Display Modulation Calibration The Modulation Calibrate trim pot sets the sensitivity of the front panel Modulation bar graph display. This adjustment may be made only after the Output trim pot on the Stereo Generator board has been set. ) 1. Set the Stereo-Mono switch to Mono. 2. 5 kHz into the left channel at a level sufficient to put the wideband gain-reduction indicator somewhere in the middle of its range. 3. Set the Modulation Calibrate trim pot so that the “90” light on the front panel Modulation display just begins to light.

A voltage divider from the PAV line is used for DC voltage metering. Metering Board ® FM250 Illustration 4–5 Metering Board U406A, U406B, and U407A, with their respective diodes, are diode linearity correction circuits. Their DC inputs come from diode detectors in the RF reflectometer in the RF low-pass filter compartment. U407B, U407C, Q405, and Q406 are components of a DC squaring circuit. Since the DC output voltage of U407C is proportional to RF voltage squared, it is also proportional to RF power.

The receiver board receives terrestrially fed RF signal and converts it to composite audio which is then fed into the exciter board. Microprocessor controlled phase lock loop technology ensures the received frequency will not drift, and multiple IF stages ensure high adjacent channel rejection. Refer to illustrations 4–6, 6–16 and its schematic for the following discussion. The square shaped metal can located on the left side of the receiver board is the tuner module. The incoming RF signal enters through the BNC connector (top left corner) and is tuned through the tuner module.

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