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1, we explored various coverage metrics that are used to determine our degree of confidence in the verification process. A deficiency with this standard set of coverage metrics is their inability to quantify functional coverage. In general, verification strategies can be classified as either end-to-end (black-box) testing or internal (white-box) testing. Properties of the design we wish to validate using white-box testing are easier to check, since it is unnecessary to wait for test results to propagate to an observable output.

Selecting a single RTL coding style--one that maximizes the performance of simulation, equivalence and model-checking, as well as achieving an optimal flow through synthesis and physical design--is a formidable task. To address the problem of competing tool coding requirements, this chapter introduces three essential RTL methodology basic techniques: A simplified and tool efficient verifiable subset of RTL An Object-Based Hardware Design (OBHD) methodology, incorporating modern programming language principles 44 CHAPTER 4 A tool-performance-enhancing and design-error linting strategy targeted as the initial check in a complete line of verification tools This RTL verification-centric methodology creates numerous advantages.

We refer to this as the Retain Useful Information Principle. Retain Useful Information Principle A single process within a design flow should never discard information that is pertinent to another process within the flow. The Retain Useful Information Principle must be considered during all transformation processes involved in the design flow. An example of its application would be embedding the hierarchical RTL signal and wire names in the physical design during flattening. Preserving hierarchical RTL names provides the following advantages for subsequent processes within the flow: Retain useful information advantages.

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