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By Mark Prothero

ISBN-10: 0787995487

ISBN-13: 9780787995485

At first, Mark Prothero, protection legal professional for Gary Ridgway, thought: "This cannot be the golf green River Killer! he is too traditional! he is too small. he is too calm. he is too well mannered! He cannot in all probability have murdered forty-nine women.  they cannot be severe! they have to have screwed up! i did not observe then, yet i used to be right.  Gary Ridgway hadn't killed forty-nine women.  He'd killed much more than that."

Soon, Mark Prothero confronted the query: "How may perhaps you most likely defend the such a lot prolific serial killer in usa background, the notorious eco-friendly River Killer?  If somebody deserved to be achieved for his crimes, did not he?"

Mark Prothero, co-lead safety legal professional who helped keep Gary Ridgway from the dying sentence, has heard that query again and again. Now he’s written a e-book that unearths the real, within tale of precisely how an idealistic public defender, highschool swim trainer, husband, and pop may deliver himself to spend many months of shut confinement with a guy who brutally murdered at the very least seventy five younger ladies, usually within the act of intercourse. Defending Gary indicates how Prothero may well reconcile those vast acts realizing the truth of this unassuming fellow Gary Ridgway, a mild-mannered, church-going, dedicated husband, father, and previous army guy, with an IQ of round eighty two and an established activity as a truck painter from Auburn, Washington, close to Seattle.

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There isn’t a criminal defense lawyer in the country who wants to hear that his client, or even prospective client, has been talking to the police without him or her being present. It isn’t what you might expect—that the lawyer simply wants to get his client off, regardless of his guilt. The problem is, sometimes police make mistakes. They may arrest the wrong person. But once the police-prosecution bandwagon gets rolling, an innocent person who talks innocently may find his words used against him.

Many of my observations were recorded in my journal, which I kept from the first night all the way through sentencing. Gary Ridgway himself was a source for this book. His cooperation and agreement to allow me to use confidential conversations were critical to the project. c01 3/24/06 9:05 AM Page 3 1 Q The practice oflaw can drive you crazy sometimes: what starts out as logical can end up surreal. Objections, objections to objections, sidebars, interminable wrangling over the meaning of words: a voyage into tedium by way of monotony, broken occasionally by moments of sheer panic.

Objections, objections to objections, sidebars, interminable wrangling over the meaning of words: a voyage into tedium by way of monotony, broken occasionally by moments of sheer panic. Judges drone, lawyers groan, defendants moan, and at the end of the day you pack it all up and get ready to start again the next day, as justice grinds forward, exceedingly slow. When it starts to get nuts, that’s when you have to take a break— get out of your daytime skin to do something completely different. That was why, in the darkening hours of the last day of November 2001, a Friday evening, I was on the pool deck at Kent-Meridian High School, about twenty miles south of the city of Seattle, in the State of Washington, shouting encouragement to a six-lane pool full of teenaged boys, as they swam their way through a hard workout.

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