Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945 [Vol 2] by Erich Gröner; Dieter Jung; Martin Maass PDF

By Erich Gröner; Dieter Jung; Martin Maass

ISBN-10: 3763748091

ISBN-13: 9783763748099

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4, the target appearance, denoted by G(xk ), is composed of four histograms: the foreground/background intensity f fi (xk )/ f bi (xk ), foreground/background stdev f fs (xk )/ f bs (xk ), which are extracted from yk by using the kernel-based method in [5, 43]: G(xk ) = { f fi (xk ), f bi (xk ), f fs (xk ), f bs (xk )}. (36) Given a hypothetical target area xk in frame yk , we can obtain its corresponding appearance hypothesis as G(xk ), and then the similarity between G(xk ) and the reference model Fk−1 is computed as D(G(xk ), Fk−1 ) = vz · d( f z (xk ), f z,k−1 ), (37) z∈Z where Z = {fi, bi, fs, bs} and d is defined in (5).

206–212 (2006) 35. : Local Invariant Feature Detectors: A Survey. , Hanover (2008) 32 K. Jüngling and M. Arens 36. : Rapid object detection using a boosted cascade of simple features. In: Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, vol. 1, pp. 511–518 (2001) 37. : Pfinder: real-time tracking of the human body. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, pp. 51–56 (1996) 38. : Detection and tracking of multiple, partially occluded humans by bayesian combination of edgelet based part detectors.

This Kalman filter is appropriate in cases of static cameras because people do not move that much from frame to frame. Even in cases of slight motion like in sequences 3 and 4, this dynamics model proved to be sufficient. In sequence 1, camera motion is very strong, which leads to strong shifts in the image position of persons. This makes tracking a challenging problem, specifically in infrared where the appearance of person is very alike and position is an important cue. This position shift leads to accuracy problems in detection (when using the propagation strategy) and when looking at the tracking (and not the detection) performance, to identity changes of single persons and between objects.

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Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945 [Vol 2] by Erich Gröner; Dieter Jung; Martin Maass

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