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Empirical formulas generated through petrophysical investigations can also be used to standardize, calibrate and scale geophysical devices. In practice, petrophysics often provides geophysical models with estimates of subsurface parameters. Estimated parameters can include bulk density, resistivity, dielectric permittivity, velocity of elastic waves, and magnetic susceptibility. In reservoir characterization for example, petrophysics parameterizes porosity, permeability and filtration factors. e.

8. A total field magnetic anomaly above a Mesozoic diabase dike (2 m thick) intruded into Palaeozoic sediments from the Parnaiba Basin, Brazil (after Silva, 1989). Fig. 9. Moving average residual magnetic anomalies above a Mesozoic diabase dike intruded into Palaeozoic sediments from the Parnaiba Basin, Brazil. Adopting the same technique applied in the example above, we found the results given in Figure 9 and Table 5. 22 m, θ = 53o, and K = -215 nT. 5 m. The depth to the top is overestimated by both methods.

The relative dielectric permittivity of pore water, εr=81 (at t=21oC) differs from that of oil and gas (εr < 3). Salt concentration, cmol (given in moles per liter), exerts a relatively small influence on the relative dielectric permittivity of pore fluids. 5) Dielectric permittivity, εr, the velocity of electromagnetic waves, VEM, and EM attenuation, AEM, are used in georadar investigations. The dielectric permittivity of porous rocks strongly depends on the degree of water saturation. 5), but does influence conductivity and attenuation of electromagnetic waves.

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